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01 October 2016

The Comic Book Inlay

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-by Marconcio


The new album comes with a comics book inlay. Kinda like the lyrics are the text and the image assemble them into some sort of story.

I don’t know how many times I tried to achieve something like this.
Having an LP done, in many copies, and I mean recording it, mixing it, mastering it, raise the money for it, organize the artworks and stuff, and doing it DIY, it’s already a pain in the ass. I’m not saying this in a complaining way, that’s what I like to do the more, what I mean is that we’re talking about a huge amount of responsibilities to get ahold of. For every vinyl that made it to your records shelves, may others failed to exist. Adding to this the pressure of making it come together with a comic book, that’s already another standalone huge task, it’s quite a huge bet on your nerves. The risk of never dragging it from the dreams to reality kinda grows exponentially.

The point I want to make here is that I never given up and stuff, but also I’ve been lucky, in several occasions of my life, to stumble upon such great artists that for some reasons still not really clear to me, totally enjoyed the idea of participating to our projects.

It was my birthday in January, things went so stoned that I started partying in Bologna that same evening and I ended up waking up in a kinda unknown flat after some amazing new encounters, somewhere in Rome, 3 days later. This house was packed with these digital paintings on the wall which I was told to be made by the flatmate. That’s how I run into Emanuele. While trying to explain the long series of episodes that brought me there it came out I had a band and stuff, and the next minute I was already proposing this cooperation. Sometimes when you have the feeling that if you get to deals too fast, they might lead into nothing, but here I had the sensation we could do something cool, for real, and without stressing each other to death. It’s thanks to him that I found the energy and the comfort of putting all the things I had in my mind on paper, with my very shitty drawings storyboard, which is also somehow a very intimate thing to share with someone. Getting refusal or being mocked up for it can be really painful, kinda like when Marty doesn’t want to ship his band’s demo tape to a label because he’s afraid someone might tell him his ideas aren’t worth shit.

Moreover he managed with some kinda magic to extrapolate the ideas, the framings, the mood, out of my terrible storyboard pictures, like if it was out of my head, adding a lot of his ideas. I think this is one of the biggest “creative” satisfactions you can get in life or something.

I hope this one helps getting in touch with the lyrics, which is one aspect of the band I care the more, and nevertheless, they are not exactly accessible, for obvious reasons.

Every vinyl comes with a comic book inlay, also the tapes will, and if possible we’ll also sell them separately soon on the bandcamp.

Thanks again to Emanuele Spudde, team working on this thing with you was one of the best things I’ve ever done and more happy of myself for






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