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02 October 2016

New Album Press Kit

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Here’s the Discogs Registration Gilles from Veghangover Records created already:


Here’s also a brief interview I did for Maniac Attack in case you want to extrapolate something 😉


  • For the band info, we usually give the current band members and for the LP we usually give the band members during the recordings…

    If you wanna do it


    LP recording:

    Marconcio: Voice + Guitar

    Ernesto: Voice + Guitar

    Rick: Bass

    Zilla: Drums


    Official present line up is

    Marconcio: Voice + Guitar

    Scimmione: Voice + Guitar

    Giulia: Bass

    Zilla: Drums


    Ernesto: sometimes shows up


  • When was Call The Cops founded?

    Call The Cops was founded in spring 2013, Ernesto and I were hanging out a lot around this terrible bar back then, which actually is a kebab fast food with no sitting space inside, that transforms by night in a shot bar. It’s coolest feature was that the owner, a kurdish young guy, used to be kinda interested in our music taste, and usually left a notepad on the bar stool were we could write down our playlists that he would have played out of youtube (we don’t have those german restrictions and stuff here). It was very mostly Poison Idea.

    Ernesto was playing with Intothebab, me in NoWhiteRag, and we were both blasted by the touring life of the City Rats, but none of our, by-the-time present bands could afford that, so we thought of starting a new one. The whole plan was to achieve a touring-a-lot band with City Rats / Chaos UK sound and attitude more ore less.

    In the same place we stepped into Zilla who was kinda freshly migrated from Sardinia or something and Rick, formerly from Headed Nowhere, which was also kinda band-orphan and willing to play so the thing started.

  • Now coming to the LP – only short questions, don’t worry. This is your first vinyl longplayer, right?

    Yup, this is all we’ve done so far, it includes a re-mastering of the tape tracks on the fist side and the new songs on the second one

    It also includes a huge pictures collage (it’s a gatefold LP) that will give an idea of the band’s life.

    The cover artwork is a job done by the Simon Chognot from Lust For Death, who’s also an unbelievably great tattoo artist

    Inside the gatefold there’s a huge poster, with a drawing handmade by Jeanne by Spit It Out! Records.

    The lyrics inlay is a comic book, where the lyrics are the texts, storyboarded by me and drawn by Emanuele Spudde from Rome, who’s a breath-taking digital drawing artist

    The vinyl also features one label hand drawn by Sarah Meowers from Portland, which is the split tape design

    The last track contains a featuring from Nwoon, the singer from Nun And The Gang Bangers from Lille


  •  How many minutes is it in total?

    It’s 14 tracks for 31 minutes something of music



And here’s some pics of the album:










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Agony Of Living – Feat. Nwoon
  1. Agony Of Living – Feat. Nwoon
  2. Vegan Proteins
  3. This Is Not America
  4. Gattini
  5. Burn The Ground Around The Ambiguos Clown
  6. Punk Attitude
  7. Orizzonti Di Oppressione
  8. Ode To Riot
  9. Drugs Take Time
  10. Wasting My Time
  11. Fuck Your Sexuality
  12. They Believe
  13. Gun’n’Knife
  14. Call The Cops