Wasting Time


the Worshipping of clocks
the Paranoia of goals
It’s ticking and reverbs
In the void where you’ve been led

Once upon a lie,
they set a ratio for you between cash and time, and time
spent for yourself
may cost ages of a you entrapped and enslaved, so

Time is your fuel and yet time’s your carrot
In a vicious circle where you’re a junkie and time’s dope
(Your) foot’s on the gas as you feel you move slow
But the more you move fast the more distances grow

Ratio’s been set and a pyramid’s drawn
Your life is a debt cause your time is on loan
And the roof and the crap you need to survive:
Blood and time you owe to the pyramid’s heights

Time breeds time to timer set time before time’s up in your life
Time by time you race against time and it’s about time to quit such a strife
Time’s the only good you got when you’re born in your bare hands they stole it from
So now you can live a life of remorse just to get back what’s already yours

What’s already yours

Money is Troy’s Horse for the slavery of time
Time is money again in an endless loop line
And birth to death your path has been set
In a brainfucking system you can only blame yourself

Fuck all this speed and fuck all your goals
Fuck you dumb fuck, time is mine so fuck off
Fuck all your glam glamourized success goals
The only war-chest you can point is you in control

You in control

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