Vegan Proteins


Say What?
Sex beliefs?
Stereotypes industry!

Dropped at the first degree, where everything is set
Forged with an imprint, you’ll never forget
Toys to side the boys, between machos and nerds
And doll-stereotyped girls, to stay one step back

So one path in life
Just stick by your side
Wear the stereotype

Is that alright?

Then a few years later on you’re introduced porn
Now Mr.Hyde has to do, what Jekyll thinks it’s wrong
And so the girls have to choose between whores and brides
Both are ok as long as they please the guys

So one path in life
Just stick by your side
Wear the stereotype

Is that alright?

So now that you’re blocked in a world that’s all set
You despise sexualities you just cannot get
Lead by an anger you’ll never know where’s from
Cause your own sexuality you just can’t confront

But still you need some mouth to eat cum
That is not your child kissing one
And there’s no sex roles you can accept
Other than those you’ve always been fed

By the porn fucking industry
Which by the way can be amazing
But if you want sex thats do kick ass
Just try to stick to care and respect

Sexual performances are not some kinda law
Something to account to those you even don’t know
From slave sodomy to the lightest caress
It’s all just about partner’s pleasure and care

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