This Is Not America


Sorry son but this is not America
It might not be nice but this is not America
We got pizza and wine but this is not America
Stacci bello, this is not America

Sorry to spoiler the rest if this shit
but your chance is crap and your life’s a bitch
And chances are the shit-hole you despise
Might be as well the shit-hole where
You Die

Time might come and it might quick
You realise your position it ain’t worth a dick
And too dumb to find a real enemy
You will fight yourself with booze
And shit

But nobody’ll think you’re damned and cool
Nobody is fucking gonna write your book
Nobody is fucking gonna shoot the film
Your life’s just short and full
Of shit

And as far as I can tell
America might not be America as well
Bologna is the shit hole I’m from
and honestly on a America I don’t give a shit no

This is not America,
My dear

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