Punk Attitude


So the blue lights’ll come flashing my alleyway
I’ll have locked up my door and be away
You can now sell the land for my grave
And give away the slavery you kept for me

In a tattoo bearing my last will
There’s a call for my friends about my remains
“Bury me where the cowards don’t walk
Where the bandits hide and watch the world from above”

Real life
My life
Real life
This is not a fucking lifestyle

I’m not here to match trends and jet sets
I’m at war with the the “life” they want me to accept
I’m at war with what they sell as “life”
My guitar’s a machine gun my mic is my knife

My epitaph will dirt no magazine
Even those who witch hunted me will forget my name
And the one thing will make it through time
Is this scratch on the vinyl left by passion and hate

Real life
This is not a fucking lifestyle

So get off you cunts fuck off and die

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