Here are the tough ones who live a no fear life
The mess in my head, finds order through spikes
My body is a notepad of pain and death signs
I’ll tattoo my face, you won’t look me in the eyes

Lean the head on my shoulder you’ll probably find death
The bullets in my belt, say I know no regrets
This is Raw Punk man, no jingling
There’s 106 skulls inked under my skin

Still I can’t really sleep well at night
Not sure if it’s a matter of speed or lice
Being honest I think that I have one thought:
It’s like my head is a plug in “outlet-less” wall
So wouldn’t you fucking hold my head tight?
(Don’t mess my spikes)

Somewhen in life I must have kinda realized
Teddy bears in this world, won’t live without studs
Like a heart that’s broken you’ll turn it into stone
But the love that’s gone bad, it’s my trust in the world

Well then it’s no wonder how precious are those arms
Which keep my head safe when outside it’s dark
I’m the luckiest on earth I’m the king of the world
My war is no big deal when I can count on your love

And now all the evil in the world
Can knock on my door and sleep on my floor
Cause when you hold my head tight
Hitler’s a puppy and death is a cake

We are brave we are bright
We are good to die in the fight
Cause my house’s in your arms
Even if death’s the price
Mine mine mine mine

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