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02 October 2016

Introducing the Janus Protein Project

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by Federica Sangiorgi

Maybe not everyone knows this British game-changer serie called Utopia, started in 2013 and now cancelled. The show basically follows this bunch of nice guys trying to obstruct a ruthless elitist organisation called The Network, whose purpose is to secretly and coercively develop Janus Project, a serum functional to the sterilisation the 95% of the human population, in order to undermine the destruction of the Earth’s environment and an inevitable, future dog-eat-dog scenario.

As you watch it you naturally start to wonder about the dualism of hero versus villain and the the end justifies the means assumption, which is transposed in a controversial way through this serie, to the extent that the border between what’s apparently good and what’s apparently evil starts to fade, and you begin to reconsider the whole dispute from advanced point of views. A sort of lesson on what ethic relativism is: the non-existence of an universal form of morality, but just different forms of perception of it.

Then I imagined this sort of dreamland where punks eventually annihilated world’s plutocratic elite and unanimously, advisedly agree to cease the human proliferation in order to limit the exploitation of the biosphere and its inhabitants, in opposition to the capitalistic hallucination of infinite economic growth and consequent reification of the self.

So I decided to depict this abstract and delightful reality with my favorite tool of communication which is photography, and decided to do that through the figures of my gorgeous friends, developing this project in which the heavy aesthetic is actually a pretext to vehicular this kind of contents through a visual form. Couldn’t imagine better testimonials than this band of intellectual drunky fuckers.

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