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If you dare to book Call The Cops in your town write us! Our policy is simple, we ask for gas/highway money, food and shelter. If you can’t afford it we try to set up more than one show in a row so that we can split costs with shows on the way.

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Agony Of Living – Feat. Nwoon
  1. Agony Of Living – Feat. Nwoon
  2. Vegan Proteins
  3. This Is Not America
  4. Gattini
  5. Burn The Ground Around The Ambiguos Clown
  6. Punk Attitude
  7. Orizzonti Di Oppressione
  8. Ode To Riot
  9. Drugs Take Time
  10. Wasting My Time
  11. Fuck Your Sexuality
  12. They Believe
  13. Gun’n’Knife
  14. Call The Cops